Our Heritage

Luxury buildings with modern amenities, set in perfect locations can be found in any modern city you'd care to name, but we at Benham and Reeves Lettings know what makes London special. For a property to reach the levels of desirability achieved by such addresses as One Hyde Park there has got to be more about it than gold taps, granite work tops and great views. Hyde Park used to be Henry VIII's personal hunting ground. Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud looked over Hampstead Heath while planning to change the world. The Docklands district defied Nazi bombs. The Beatles are forever linked to Abbey Road in NW8. Our city is steeped in heritage, permanence and fascinating stories with almost every borough having its own tale to tell.

London is also a truly international city and anyone doing business here has to be ready to cross new frontiers on a daily basis. From liaising with a FTSE and Fortune 500 companies with a view to meeting relocation requirements, to advising a Hong Kong based property investor concerning rental investments choices, Benham and Reeves Lettings continues to build on a half century-long tradition that deals with such challenges with all the professional assurance one would expect.

There is nothing "thrown together" about our presence in the capital. All our London offices have been sited strategically, over the years, to provide the best local rental accommodation the Capital has to offer. These sixteen branches are supplemented with five others in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore, giving us an unprecedented reach, scope and focus. With Benham and Reeves, giving the best customer service we can is more than a slogan: it is an historical reality many of our long-standing Landlords have come to value.

People, our Priority

When it comes to structure, you will find us as reassuringly solid as the properties we advertise, which befits a company with long associations within the London rental property scene. A highly qualified lawyer heads up our property management division, while our books are overseen by a 3 chartered accountants - a traditional arrangement which suits our clients perfectly. We are in the habit of retaining and training our staff so as to provide an experienced and capable service to clients who value local knowledge and continuity. The Association of Residential Letting Agents is a body that keeps a keen eye on the ethics and financial practices of our industry and we count it part of our proud heritage that we are founder members. Most of our employees belong to the Association or are in the process of taking exams as part of our regular professional development programme, thereby ensuring that standards throughout the company remain high.

The Right Location

Property-wise, we endeavour to present to our clients the very best that London has to offer. Neighbourhoods containing hundreds of years of iconic architecture serve as our reference point.

Corporate Specialism

A sixty year track record in lettings has not gone unnoticed by the many multinational corporations that consider London a vital part of their global presence. Leading relocation agents consider us an important resource in their quest to find the best accommodation possible for their corporate clients. Our in-house marketing team make sure that our profile is not only maintained, but enhanced.

The Right Package

Reliability and the willingness to adapt to changing trends are key ingredients in what we like to call the "fine art" of property management. Owing to our steady history of working at the heart of the lettings market in London, our management service has been able to grow organically alongside the lettings business and is all the more effective for it. From comprehensive knowledge of the law and industry standards to tax advice and our own online client accounts system, we provide a wide range of services from under one roof.

We also offer a furnishings and refurbishment service for rental properties which is a particular source of pride as it gives us opportunities to collaborate with clients in a variety of creative ways.

Our end-to-end property service draws upon a legacy of skill sets that are ideal for doing business in an historical city such as London which has become a sound global arena for property investment.

If you are looking to invest in London rental property, call us on 020 3813 2676 or email us for further information.